Radial-toolholder form B1 right, short
Radial-toolholder form B2 left, short
Radial-toolholder form B3 overhead right, short
Radial-toolholder form B4 overhead left, short
Axial-toolholder form C1 right
Axial-toolholder form C2 left
Axial-toolholder form C3 overhead right
Axial-toolholder form C4 overhead left
Boring holder for drills with indexable inserts form E1
Boring bar holder form E2
Collet holder form E4 for collets DIN 6499 Type ER
Holder for M.T. shanks form F
NC-Drill chucks for left and right rotation


Catalogue DIN.pdf

Catalogue CSN.pdf

Catalogue HSK .pdf

Catalogue MAS BT.pdf