Slotting machines

S 200 TG; S 315 TG  Features:

    * Automatic tool stop;
    * Adjustable speed of the double strokes per minute trough mechanical variator;
    * Digital readout for the double strokes per minute;
    * Automatic cycle of the longitudinal feed from 0.01 to 0.3 mm/stroke.


Technical characteristics S 200 TGS 315 TG
Tool travelmm0-2000-315
Strokes per minuteNo.20-7018-55
Ram adjustmentmm250280
Swivel angle of the head()4545
Head to table distancemm390520
Tool to column distancemm380500
Worktablemm300 x 600-
Diameter of the rotating tablemm315450
Number of the fixed positions of the rotating tableNo.2424
Longitudinal travel of the worktablemm250250
Cross travel of the worktablemm280250
Self-breaking main motorKW/Hp4.5/22.5/3.5
Net weightkg10001600
Overall dimensionsmm840 x 1450 x 18501000 x 1450 x 2250

S200I, S200TGI; S315TGI

  Standard accessories  Option
 S200I, S200TGIS315TGI
Tool travel0 200 mm0 315 mm
Strokes per minute12 - 6012 - 60
Ram adjustement250 mm280 mm
Swivel angle of head 450 450
Head to table distance390 mm520 mm
Tool to column distance 380 mm 500 mm
Worktable (S200 I)300 x 600 mmx
Diameter of rotating table (S200 TGI)315 mm450 mm
Number of fixed positions of rotating table2424
Longitudinal travel of worktable220 mm220 mm
Transverse travel of worktable220 mm220 mm
Self-breaking main motor4 kW 4 kW
Net weight1000 kg1600 kg
Overall dimensions ( without packing )840 x 1450 x 1850 mm1000 x 1450 x 2250 mm
On wooden skid1100 x 1500 x 2050 mm1100 x 1800 x 2450 mm

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