CNC lathe Tokisawa DTX-1

 Maximal turning diameter:200 mm
 Maximal turning length400 mm
  •Spindle nose JIS A1-6
  •Spindle bore40 mm
  •Spindle taperMT No.6
  •Number of gears2
  •Speed range20-2800 rpm
  •Main spindle motor11 kW
 Number of feedsStepless
 Rapid traverse10 m/min
 Longitudinal travel500 mm
 Cross travel160 mm


  •Quill diameter90 mm
  •Quill taperMorse No.5
 Turret Toolholder: 
  •Tool posts12, bidirectional search
  •Tool cross section25x25mm


 CNC Siemens 802C
 Overall dimensions 2700x2000x1500mm
 Weight 4000kg

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