Vertical Machining Center RV501.24

The vertical machining center RV501.24 is a versatile heavy duty machine which main features are modularity, rigid machine design, easy operation and maintenance. RV501 have a hydraulic balance device for vertical slide and three stage gear box. The BODY and the COLUMN are single castings the latter mounted at the rear of the machine. The guideways of the cross slide (Y axis) are made of hardened steel and finely ground. The COLUMN is a prismoid casting suitably ribbed to achieve superior mechanical rigidity and vibration steadiness. The guideways along which the vertical travel (Z axis) is done are mounted on the column. The CROSS SLIDE accomplishes the travel of the working table along Y and Z axes. The WORKING TABLE is rectangular with T-slots for the fixtures and the centering elements. It provides a large machining area for this class of vertical machining centers and accomplishes the travels along the X and Y axes on roller bearings moving along the ground and hardened steel guideways. The SPINDLE BOX houses the main transmission and the spindle. The MAIN DRIVE is powered by a 11kW (standard) or 15kW (option) DC motor mounted on the top of the spindle box with an infinitely variable speed range. The FEED DRIVES along X, Y and Z axes are powered by high torque DC servo motors with infinitely variable speed and high precision ball-screw couples. The LUBRICATING SYSTEM lubricates the spindle box, the guideways and the feeding devices. It consists of hydraulic unit, pipes and fixtures. The HYDRAULIC SYSTEM is destined to supply oil under high pressure to the executive units of the machine and the spindle box supporting.

Max. axis traverse, XYZ 800x500x650 mm
Work table dimensions 800x500 mm
Maximal piece load on the table 1000 kg
'T'-slots 4 x 18H8
- Distance between 'T'-slots 125 0.06 mm
Capacity - output in steel milling 500 cm3/min
Height of table surface from the floor 900 mm
Distance between spindle nose and 'Z' guideways 515 mm
Distance between spindle nose and table surface, min ... max 111 .. 762 mm
Spindle taper ISO 50
Spindle front bearing diameter 100 mm
Main drive motor power 11 kW/15 kW
Speed range, stepless adjustment 7..3500 rpm
Number of gears 3
Feed rate 1..8000 mm/min
Rapid traverse 10 m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.025 mm
   with optical scales (option) 0.01 mm
Repeatability 0.015 mm
   with optical scales (option) 0.007 mm
Tool magazine capacity, pcs. 24
Maximal tool weight 20 kg
Maximal tool length 300 mm
Maximal diameter of two tools in neighboring sockets 100 mm
Maximal tool diameter, neighboring sockets are empty 160 mm
Average change time 8 s
POWER SUPPLY (standard) 380 V/50 Hz/3 ph
DIMENSIONS with  800x500 table 3395x2400x2900 mm
WEIGHT (NW/GW) 7000/9000 kg

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