Welding machines

1. Semi-automatics and welding machines used for MIG-MAG and WIG (TIG) welding in gas shielding medium

The semi-automatic welding machines of the types G160, G250, G315 and G500 are intended for MIG_MAG welding of low-alloyed and low-carbon steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys in gas shielding medium of carbon dioxide, argon or their mix with electrode wire, and the apparatus of type WIG2x315, WIG3x315 and WIG250U for WIG (TIG) welding with infusible electrodes in argon shielding medium.

WIG2x315 welds aluminum and its alloys and WIG315 welds all grades of special steels, such as alloyed, stainless and heat-resistant steels, copper and copper alloys, titanium, etc. The WIG2x315 arc is powered by AC power source, and the 3x315 arc is powered by DC power source.

G160G250G315, G500WIG2x315WIG3x315
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2. Manual arc welding transformers
The transformers are designed for manual arc welding with coated electrodes of all types low-carbon steels.
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T200, T250TD250T315, T500
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