Eccentric presses "C" shaped type: with press force from 250 to 315 t.


Machines are designed for various cold-press operations: cutting, stamping, drilling, bending and sizing.

Technical information

PropertyPE 250CPE 315C
Maximum press force:2500 kN3150 kN
Strokes per minute:4545
Motor power:30 kW30 kW
Adjustable stroke:20-250 mm20-250 mm
Carriage adjustment:150 mm150 mm
Distance table-carriage - H560 mm560 mm
C-Frame depth - N470 mm470 mm
Distance between sides - Q694 mm654 mm
Table dimensions - LxM1600x910 mm1600x910 mm
Bolster plate dimensions:WxZxG1600x910x120 mm1600x910x120 mm
Working height of the table - F880 mm880 mm
Table hole diameter:380 mm380 mm
Carriage dimensions: RxS1100x800 mm1100x800 mm
Carriage hole - U65H7 mm65H7 mm
Bolster plate hole:340(280) mm350(295) mm
Weight:24000 kg26000 kg
Overall dimensions:  
A4650 mm4800 mm
B2400 mm2400 mm
C2650 mm2650 mm
T2650 mm3980 mm
D2275 mm2275 mm
E1450 mm1450 mm

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