Other crane components

End carriages
Standard parameters:
Wheel base: 1650 - 3200 mm.
Total load: 8000 - 28000 kg.

Travel wheel units
Single wheel load: 4000 - 28000 kg.
Wheel diameter: 160 - 400 mm.
Monorail trolleys
(normal or low headroom)

Double-rail trolleys
designed for the crane industry
Gear motors to be incorporated in
double rail trolley solutions

Standard features
Output rpm: 15 - 108 min -1
Output torque: 28 - 765 N.m.
Planetary gear motors to be incorporated in
monorail trolleys for normal and low headroom

Standard features
Output rpm: 16 - 93 min -1
Output torque: 9 - 349 N.m.
Other crane components
Hook blocks
Capacity up to 100 t.

Load limiters (electromagnetic)
Designed for modernzation of all previously produced hoisting mechanizms

Push buttons

Electrical equipment

End carriages



TP gearmotors are intended extremely for driving of travel mechanismes for material handling equipment (crane trolleys, bridge cranes, etc.). Basic characteristics of the series are the noiseless operation, high reliability and modern design.
Gearmotors consist of electric motor with cylindrical rotor and built-in brake, coupled by means of connector to a unfolded cylindrical reducer. They are designed to operate with operation voltage 380V and frequency 50 Hz, operation mode group S3 according to IEC 34-I, protection class IP54, insulation class F and normal climatic environment.
On customer‘s request the gearmotors may be produced for other voltages, frequencies and climatic conditions.
When ordering a gearmotor, indicate subsequently its type, transmission ratio, the electric motor type; for example: TP16079T71B-4R BRII 4. Additional information about the power supply, climatic factors, etc, is well accepted.

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